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    Must-Have Apps for the Switcher
    Having just switched, Im learning all kinds of stuff, all things Mac, but Ive found myself somewhat overwhelmed by the amount of aps available. The "Sage Advice" thread is a great point to begin learning about my new Mac, but It didnt cover much about apps....Here are the apps Ive added so far:

    Handbrake with VLC: Bringing my collection of AVI and other video files back to life.

    iStat: Love this widget for monitoring this expensive new hardware!

    BetterZip: WinRar for Mac....Tried Expander and another app, but wasnt impressed until I found BetterZip.

    Remote Buddy: Love It! My Apple remote is now on steroids, and I'll soon be using an iPhone with this app.

    These few apps have gotten me off the ground with my new machine. I know the answer may depend on the individual users needs, but what other apps would seasoned Mac users recommend for switchers?

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    This thread is a good place to start.
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    Actually, I generally recommend that people stick with learning the Mac and what's already ON the Mac before moving on to other apps, with two exceptions: Flip4Mac WMV Player and Perian, because there is a high practical use for these two apps in real-world daily use.

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