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Thread: Firefox and FlashPlayer Problem

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    Firefox and FlashPlayer Problem

    We have an iMac (OS 10.4.11) which has happily been running Firefox with Adobe flashplayer plug-in since new.
    Unfortunately, my wife decided to "tidy up" and now Firefox doesn't have the flash plug-in.

    I've tried re-installing Flash Player (10.2), which gives no errors, but Firefox still won't open .swf files or open flash-based video streams (e.g. BBC iPlayer).

    Any help would be most appreciated.

    Thanks -- MegaMogs

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    I'd remove and reinstall Firefox and then re-install the Flash Player for it.

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    I'd remove and reinstall the wife.
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    Just reinstalling the Flash Player is not going to help. You also must reinstall the FF plugin that utilizes the Flash Player. Without the plugin, it won't work.

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    This is a sign from god that you should be using Safari.

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