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    Macbook Pro vs iMac
    Ive looked around the forum and didnt seem to find the answer i was looking for, so here goes:

    Im looking for a new mac. Ive got a 2 year old macbook pro, so portability is not an issue. What i need the new mac for is Logic Studio, so its all about hardware. But as far as i can see, the Pro 13 inch 2.7 i7 dualcore is much more powerful than the almost similar priced iMac 21,5 inch 3.2 i3 ?

    Is this really true ?.. What dont i know ?

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    MacWorld Magazine routinely compares benchmarks of the various offerings from Apple. You can view their list of machines and the capability of each and how well they score.

    Generally you'll get the most bang for your buck by buying an iMac. Of course the trade off is the loss of portability.

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    Don't forget that the MacBook Pro line just had a hardware refresh. The iMacs haven't had one in a while and are due. If I were in your position. I would hold off until they refresh the iMacs. They're sure to get a performance boost when that happens. The value will be a lot better then.

    Also, the 21" display is a significant improvement over a 13". Not enough to justify the pricing when compared to the newly refreshed MBPs, but it IS a difference.

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