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Thread: Finally did a proper switch

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    Finally did a proper switch
    So I've been a lurker on here for some time and had played with a heavily upgraded PowerMac G4 running Tiger for a couple years now (horrible flash support on PowerPCs made it unusable for my kids since all their sites are flash based) and due to how old that box is, it was never really a replacement for my PCs.

    Today I finally took the plunge and got a new MacBook Pro (My first new Apple computer since my Apple //c). While it isn't replacing my main desktop PC, it will get a lot of use as my only laptop and has already impressed me well beyond the old G4 and Tiger.

    First thing I am genuinely surprised and impressed by is how well it is playing with my windows network. For starters, Tiger never was able to see my network printer. Snow Leopard found it and installed the driver without a problem. Very nice.

    Even though I've been playing with them for a while, I think this will be my first real education on Macs. Should be fun.


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    Cool, hope you have loads of fun with your new Mac!
    And if you have problems, we're always here
    Use the reputation system if a post helps you!
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