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    Help transferring WindowsImageBackup to MBP
    Ok, I'm an apple noob.

    Before I bought the Mac I manually backed up (no probs there) and used Windows backup on my old Win 7 laptop.

    Now I've sold the laptop, and I have a MBP and loads of stuff I can't access because it's all saved as an image or whatever.

    I've got the wife's vista laptop if that's any use.

    The files are vhd and xml, I've tried, to no avail, to follow a few guides on how to mount a virtual hd and I've tried 7Zip,...

    What do I do?

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    What exactly did you use in Windows 7 to make the backup? If you used the Win 7 backup program (the one that also creates a disk image clone) you're probably going to have to restore it on a Win 7 machine. I'm not sure about Vista but I believe that Win 7 backup was new to Win 7.

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