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    Is it just me or does this 5 limitation on authorized computer for iTunes drive you crazy. I switched over to Mac computers back in November. I purchased a 13" MBA, 11" MBA a 13", 15" and 17" MBP's along with 2 27" iMac's. With that said, I'm presently on vacation and had to take my Windows (Work) laptop with me which is not authorized on iTunes. I reset all the computer in 11/2010 when I made my Mac purchases and now I'm stuck without being able to sync my iPhones, touches and iPads while on vacation. Is there any way Apple allows more than 5 authorized computers on one account? I think they should at least give you authorization on each Apple computer you own plus 3 or 5.

    This drives me CRAZY!!!!!

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    No, the max is five. If you're going on vacation, you have one of two options:

    1. Deauthorize a machine before you leave.
    2. If you're not at home and thus can't deauthorize a machine, you can reset your authorizations and thus start all over again. In other words, this deauthorizes every machine but can be done through iTunes instead of going from machine to machine. Note the following though from Apple (here):
    You may only use this feature once per year. The Deauthorize All button will not appear if you have fewer than 5 authorized computers, or if you have used this option within the last 12 months
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