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    Mar 08, 2011
    Poll: keep older MBP needing repair or get newer MBP
    Took my Macbook to the Apple Store and discovered the keyboard assembly is likely bad. Trackpad still works and I'm typing this using an external usb keyboard, but maybe it's time for a new notebook? Bought this in mid 2008, it's the 15" dual core 2 model, just prior to the unibody construction models. I was thinking about selling this for 200-300 or so and getting a low end 13" macbook pro with my student discount and/or ADC (since I guess I can sell the OSX license on the aftermarket). What say you folks? Keep the older notebook + get fixed or get the i5 one? Thanks!

    Also, what is the maximum discount the ADC will give you if you're a student?

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    Mar 08, 2011
    My apologies. I posted in the wrong forum and was just going back to delete the old thread when I realized that I couldn't find it anymore.

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    You did not state what the repair would cost so if its more than half the current value of
    the MBP then buy the new one.

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