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    How cool is this?
    I have had my Mac Mini for about a month now. It is hooked up to my 46" LCD TV in the living room. Something just dawned on me... so I grabbed the old Acer monitor and the mini display port to VGA adapter that I bought and hooked it up to the mini. Turned it on... and both displays work! Yes, I know it is supposed to work... but, having been a Windows user for so many years, I was surprised that it worked without changing any settings. As I type, I am watching Netflix streaming on the TV and I have a Safari window open on the monitor.

    My Dell laptop had dual display capability, but it never worked right. I could pretty much either watch on the monitor or on the external display. One would look right, and the other would be the wrong aspect ratio.

    It is true... these computers "just work."

    My wife thinks I am crazy, but this is a great setup if one of us wants to watch a movie and the other wants to surf the web or do some other work.

    I love it!

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    Sounds great! Glad to hear you've got a setup that's working well for you! Now your wife can't get upset at you for visiting M-F so often that she can't watch T.V. or anything!
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    That is awesome! I have always wanted a dual monitor set up. I am jealous

    - Kyle

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    nice post. there isnt enough people giving positive feedback for the mac minis. they are sweet lil machines.

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