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Thread: My macbook will not boot up

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    My macbook will not boot up

    i hope someone can help. My 5 year old macbook will not boot up. I get the "booting up sound" and then the moving circle. It lasts for about 1 minute, then the screen goes black. If I push the power button, it immediately starts the same process. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    First you should turn off your computer. Then reboot it holding the Shift key. This will boot your computer into safe mode. Maybe booting in Safe Mod will help your problem. If not try to boot up from the Grey install disk that came with your computer and repair your hard drive. To do this, insert the cd into the computer and restart it holding the "C" key. When your computer is done booting, go to "Disk Utility" and then repair your hard drive.

    Good luck!

    - Kyle

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    similar issue?
    I think I have a similar issue; I have to hold down my power button three times to get my macbook to turn on. The first time, the light turns on for a split second. The second time, the light turns on for a few seconds. The third, I have to press and hold for like five to ten seconds until the light starts blinking. Then, I let go and a few seconds later I hear the disc drive kick on and then it really slowly warms up.

    It's also unexpectedly shut down on me a few times.

    I'm worried about it's illness but I'm not yet capable of figuring out how to tell what's wrong with a mac, or how to fix it.

    Do y'all have any ideas? Thanks!

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