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    Jan 02, 2011
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    Switching - 3 months on...
    I've been an avid PC user... Starting with something before DOS 3.2, Then DOS 3.3, Win 286, 3.1, WFW, Win95, 98, 2000, xp, Vista, Win7...

    December I got hold of my first MacBook pro, expecting to put Windows 7 on it and have the best Win7 laptop I could get my hands on. How wrong I was...

    Initially I had bootcamp and parallels set up to run a Win7 partition. Guess what? I never actually used them. So three months on, OSX does everything I want - the bootcamp and parallels are gone and I'm happy

    There's just one windows application I hang onto, Programmers Notepad 2... It runs great under Crossover, except for one thing - I wish I could assign file extensions like .php to PN2.

    A success story? I think so...

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    Glad your enjoying your switch, keep having fun

    - Kyle

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    17 inch 2 GHz C2D imac (5,1) with 3GB DDR2 RAM, X1600 (128MB memory) GPU - OSX 10.6.3
    Congrats with the purchase. And I'm glad you like the MBP. .
    And I happen to agree, with the occasional wine/cider covered app and dos box I don't need to use bootcamp at all anymore.

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