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Thread: I want to store some of my photos on an external drive.

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    I want to store some of my photos on an external drive.
    I'm going to have to install Windows XP so that I can remote into my work computer when necessary. The harddrive on my MBP is already getting pretty full. I'd like to free up some space by moving some of my photos to my external harddrive (but leave some of my favorites on my MBP). But, I still want to be able to view and edit them in iphoto. How can I do this?

    Edit to add: In my Pictures folder I have an iphoto library folder and a pictures folder. I believe the pictures folder is from when I first migrated from my old PC to my new mac. When I had iphoto import my photos did it create duplicates? If so, can I move the pictures folder to the external drive or even delete it?

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    Before you go through all that - why do you need XP to remote in? What does your work computer run? Most popular VPNs run on Mac natively, plus there is screen sharing, vnc, remote desktop connection (rdc for windows).

    Otherwise try these instructions

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    Thanks for the reply IvanLasston.

    I've tried several things to access my work computer. I've tried MS Remote Desktop (Mac version). It doesn't support TS gateway. I can't find anything that does. Tech support is useless. We can also use Explorer to access (xxx is the company name) but it requires using a program called Juniper. Of course, it's a Windows only program. I haven't found an alternative.

    I had already looked at the info in the link you posted. It doesn't really help since it would move the whole iphoto library. I just want to move some of the photos and leave some on my MBP.

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