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    Partition the hard drive and backup question
    My iMac will be here TODAY!!!!

    I was wondering is there any reason to partion the hard drive on a Mac? I have my pc partition into 3 partitions (OS & Apps, Data, Games). The reason I do this is it makes it easier to backup the data. And when I have to reinstall windows (about every six months).

    And speaking of backups... Right now, on my pc, I just copy all of my data partation to a flash memory. Will I be able to do the same with the iMac if I don't partion the hard drive? Will all the data files be in a central location so I can do this? Or would it be better to use a backup program or sync program?

    Thanks for the help. Anxiously waiting to dive back into the Apple world again. The last Mac I used was OS version 4 or 5, I think.

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    I am an ex-Windows user and had 3 partitions as well.
    I pondered your same question for quite a while. Some users said the OSX doesn't like partitions - others said it would be fine. I decided to partition so that I could easily manage reinstalls. I have a separate partition for my data, OSX on its own partition and a backup partition - as well as a LaCie firewire HD.

    Everything works beautifully. Never had a single issue. I use SuperDuper for making a backup of OSX. When you boot-up - you can select which version you boot to.

    As for your flashdrive query - I'm not in a position to advise you. Sorry.

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    i personally wouldnt bother unless you really really want to. ive had my mac for 5 months now and not had even a sniff at a problem so id leave it as it it and just enjoy mac life

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    Welcome to the Forums and the world of Macintosh!

    While I do support the idea of making regular backups of your data, I find the idea of partitioning the drive to be a step that is not needed.
    You are hanging on to the Windows idea that you will have to reinstall, recover or otherwise replace your data on a regular basis. The old "slash and burn, wipe the drive and reinstall the OS" method of fixing problems that might arise, or to boost performance.
    You will not have to reinstall OS X every 6 months or every year, etc.
    I posted this in another thread too, Ihave not had to reinstall OS X even once in the 5 years it has been out. I am not saying that you will never have problems, all computers and OSes have problems. But the constant reinstall of the OS is a fruitless exercise in the Mac world.
    I know it is going to be hard, but you have to let go of the Windows mentality. :black: We're here for you.

    That being said, if you still feel compelled to make partitions and constantly reinstall your OS, you can do both rather easily.
    Though, you will likely not see too much of a performance increase or real major benefit from either in my opinion.
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    Thanks for the responses guys. And the welcome aboard.

    D3v1L80y, I, sort of, remember not having to reinstall way back when I had a Mac. It's going to be hard to unlearn all the maintenance I've been doing. I'll have to figure out what to do with the extra time I'll have on weekends that I used to spend updating and running utilities to keep my pc up to par.

    After thinking about it the only reason I had a 2nd partition was so I would not erase the data when I had to reinstall Windows. I'm going to have to adjust my thinking on the way I archive my data and programs.

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    Yeah: Basically OS X has the archive & install option that makes partitioning superfluous.
    The way I think of it is like this: It takes your harddrive, extracts the actual operating system bits and shoves them in a folder. Then it replaces them with a fresh system and all your stuff looks & feels exactly the same as it did before (minus any issues of course).

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    how about this question? if i where running leopard and windows via bootcamp, can i have both operating systems access data on a partition that is dedicated just for my data?

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