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    Recommend application for finding duplicate files?
    Have a ton of photos, some of them are duplicates, is there an application that will remove the duplicates?

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    I like Duplicate Annihilator. $8.

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    Mr.Clean (free)

    Mr.Clean downloads as a compressed Stuffit archive. You will need Stuffit Expander (a free product) to decompress the archive:
    Free StuffIt Expander open sit, zip, rar and more

    But be careful! I've heard from a number of folks who have gotten themselves into trouble with "cleaning" utilities. Keep in mind that OS X maintains multiple folders with identical names. These are not redundant duplicates.

    Mr.Clean includes the option to "Exclude Library" which means that it won't look at many of your system's files. I recommend using this setting.


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    Wink Smart deleter
    I've been using

    lately, and it seems pretty easy to work with. No problems so far.

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    I've been using dupeguru. There are also music and picture edition links on the same page. When you download (if I remember correctly, click the I don't want to contribute button, but I think it's worth reading the fairware page.. It's a cool idea) dupeGuru - Duplicate file scanner
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    A search would have shown that previously I have recommended this Find Duplicate Files for Mac*OS*X
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    Gemini also does finds and deletes duplicates effectively if judge by users' reviews. It is available on the Mac App Store for $9.99 and is currently featured by Apple (Number one in New and Noteworthy category). However, it works only in OS X Lion for now.

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    I have used Dupe Guru as well, works well especially if you have a master folder and want to delete any other copies - but keep the master copies safe and sound, but also works just as well as a plain old duplicates finder

    You can pay as little as $10 after you have given it a test, well worth the money
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