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    gifs in signatures
    Am an iMAC newbie using Office 10 and want to know if it's possible to load a gif into signature line for e-mail?

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    I don't know what you mean by "Office 10" -- I assume you mean Office 2011 for Mac.

    As far as I know, neither Mail nor Outlook support animated GIFs (praise the heavens!!) in signatures.

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    Apple Mail does support non-animated GIFs for sure. Just drag it into your signature in Mail >Preferences.
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    I don't have Outlook setup to test this but I just tried to edit my signature and it let me drag in a GIF. I don't know if it will support animated ones but even if it does, I agree wholeheartedly with chas - an animated GIF in a signature would be a terrible idea.

    Are you having any specific issues inserting the GIF?
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    Thanks for the input...asked and answered.

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    I have found that office 2011 will let you add gifs to signatures, but it then adds it again as an attachment so that the recipient sees two logos

    Anyone else had this problem?
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