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    Unhappy Mac to PC flashdrive problem
    I put some pictures on a flash drive while using my Mac with the flash drive in MS-DOS Fat32 format. I then took the flash drive to a PC in an internet cafe. When trying to open up the pictures I was informed that my files had been corrupted and had viruses. When I tried to use the PC anti virus software to 'cure' the photos the PC display said that they were in a format that could not be recognized. My pictures are still fine and readable through the flash drive on my Mac.

    I've been having similar problems the last couple of days trying to get these pictures from one comp to the next.

    Any suggestions?


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    What version of windows?

    How did you format the drive? (My suggestion is use windows to format the drive as fat32)

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    Did you eject the drive from the Mac before unplugging it? I have had that corrupt files on a flash drive before. Always eject first.

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