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    Unhappy how to force my macbook to output a signal for my TV
    Hi I have a macbook and the screen is not working at all, I recently bought a VGA adaptor but my TV is not detecting a signal is there anything I can do other than buy a new screen. Please Help thank you

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    Welcome to the Mac Forums.

    Please read the following. LINK

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noir View Post
    Is the cable that you are using male to male VGA?

    I assume you are using Apple's mini display to VGA converter. (does it work in other context? like trying to connect that computer to another display or projector).

    Have you ask the TV specifically to try to display the signal that should be coming from the mac? (no auto detect but actually saying, TV try to display from this source). You can always try to contact the TV manufacture if they have any ideas to troubleshoot your display.

    Whats the make/model/yr of the tv and yr of the mac?
    Yes I am using Apple's mini display to VGA converter. I tried using the vga converter to my Brand New Sharp tv which says its input 4 which just says no signal. I do not how to manually get the display to recognize the mac signal, I also tried it on my HP monitor and it just has a blank screen.
    the TV year is Sharp model says 29W and September 2009. Macbook is 2006

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    First connect everything up. Switch on, your screen should be detected and a display appears.

    If not, give it a minute to finish starting up then try the F7 key. This swiches between mirror and extended display.

    Do you have a friend with a similar macbook that you could try the cable with?

    If you're happy the cable is OK and none of the above works, chances are it's not so much the screen that's failed as the graphics card - hence the lack of video from any source.

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