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Thread: Pages app issue

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    Pages app issue
    Okay, odd issue, but here goes. Pages recently disappeared from my macbook. So, I DL'd the app. It didn't show up. I found my purchases, clicked install. Figured this would fix the issue. Nope. Still not here. I went back, clicked on install again. Still not showing up in apps, or anywhere that I can find. Is there another step involved I don't know? Does it DL somewhere different I am unaware of?

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    No, the App Store should install it to the correct place which would be the applications folder without you having to do something.

    Move these files to the desktop with the App Store closed and try again. (~ is your user folder)

    Also have a look in this folder and it's sub folders. I think that the apps get temporary stored somewhere in there.
    ~/Library/Application\ Support/AppStore
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