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Sliceofpi 02-05-2011 03:14 AM

Help with folder sorting
I read allot of comics and am trying to find an easy way to sort them sequentially so that my comic reader on my ipad will file them. I made a workflow with Automator that will add a numbering system to files placed in a folder together but the problem is every folder I make tries to auto sort the files either by title or date created ect ect. Is there anyway to make a folder that will not attempt to sort the files that I put in it?

Thanks for your time.

chscag 02-05-2011 09:51 AM

Where are you storing the folders? Your question is not very clear - is it on the iPad or your Mac? The Finder on your Mac will auto sort files within a folder alphabetically by type. I assume the storage method is the same on the iPad.

toMACsh 02-05-2011 10:03 AM

Yeah, a little unclear. If you're adding a number for the purpose of having the files sorted in order, then sorting by name is what you want. However, your numbering system has to be set up in the way that the computer will sort items. for example, the computer will sort as follows:

Or, you can sort this way:

If you have more than 99, you need to start with 001, etc.

Back to sorting. Perhaps you know, but you haven't indicated such... You pick the sorting method in Show View Options (command-J).

Sliceofpi 02-06-2011 09:50 AM

Sorry if the last post was too vague, I'll see if I can't explain a little better. I file my comics two different ways one by the series itself i.e. I have a file that has Batman in it, those books are listed Batman 608, 609, 610 etc. Same for superman, xmen, spiderman and so on. these are my library files and are stored on my MacBook. My comic reader app on my iPad will also sort series into bins for easy reading however to do this I have to have each series prefixed with a letter designation so that it knows they all belong in the same bin and a number set so it knows what order to place those books in. This is what I use the workflow for ( the file becomes **** 01 ~ original filename.cbr). This works great if I want to read several books in a single series. Say I want to load a bin on my iPad from my MacBook comic library of Superman 100-150; I copy the 50 .cbr files from my library to a second folder, run the workflow that adds "sup ## ~" to the copied folder and then import that set of files to my iPad to create a superman bin with those 50 books in accenting order.

This all goes horribly wrong when dealing with crossover stories (stories that occur in several different books at once i.e. Part 1 may be in Batman 615 while part two of the arch may be in Flash 335 with part 3 being in a different book and so on.) in order to make a bin on my iPad I have to be able to link all of those books together using the title number system from the Automator but I need a folder that will leave the books in the order I put them in.

This is my problem. Every time I place several books into my copy folder OSX auto sorts those books by either the numbers they have in their titles from my library folders or alphabetically by the titles of each book or both. Because of this I am unable to renumber the files in the proper reading order and can't create a coherent bin for my iPad. I think what I need is a way to tell OSX to sort the files I drop onto my copy folder icon in the order they where added to the folder and nothing else. I thought I had accomplished this last night by opening the copy folder and placing each .cbr in the folder in the order I wanted but when I ran the workflow the folder sorted them all alpha/numerical before it numbered them which left them numbered out of order again.

I'm sorry if this post is too long or too complicated to make sense but it was the best I could do at trying to explain my problem. If you need anymore clarification let me know and I'll see if I can't confuse you a little more. Thanks again for your time.

I have tried to change the sorting method of the copy folder using show info>sort and then selecting snap to grid/sort by date Added/ and sort by date modified, none of which stop the files from being resorted by their original file names.

toMACsh 02-06-2011 03:29 PM

Yeah, I don't think it will sort in the order added to a folder. Sorry if my other post was too basic. I was taking a shot at it assuming you were a bit of a novice, which I now see you are not. In fact, you lost me again. I guess I need a list or two as examples. But, maybe there's not a way to do what you want, so that wouldn't even help.

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