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Thread: iMac documents on ioad

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    iMac documents on ioad
    Hi, I'm thinking about getting an iMac. I already have an iPad and was wounding if it's possible to sync documents between iMac and iPad.

    I was thinking about typing up all my favourite recipes on the iMac along with a picture. But didn't know if it was possible to sync this document with the iPad, so I can then put my iPad on a stand and read it like a book.

    If this is possible, what sort of software is the iMac bundled with (or what software should I buy) to do this.

    Also, is there any way of being able to create this document in the form of a book, so when it's on the iPad I can swipe the screen like it's a book?

    Many thanks

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    You can buy Pages/Keynote/Numbers for Mac and you can also buy them for iPad. From there you could sync documents between the two through iTunes.

    I suppose you could use all of the document pages and turn them into a PDF, then use a PDF reader to read the document as a book.
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    No need to go through even that much (though Pages is an excellent program). Any Mac word processor -- or any other program that can save files -- can save to PDF, which the iBooks application (free) can read.

    You'd probably be best served, however, by searching for a recipe program for the Mac that has an iOS companion app.

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