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Thread: Cam prob with certain applications

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    Unhappy Cam prob with certain applications
    I have a Powerbook G4 . My cam used to work with all programs.. All of a sudden it will not turn on with some programs. I have an external logitec mini cam that plugs into my laptop.somehow I recall someone saying that its most likely the flash player program? I have to down load an earlier version. Does anyone here have any ideas. I tried that solutions and it caused further problems, I wouldnt be as concerned BUT the cam I have always worked before. Using 10.5.8 Im desperate and willing to buy a different cam BUT doubt that will be the fix. Any and all help is appreciated. My email is

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    Not sure of the problem myself but i'm sure someone else will be able to help you out.

    Just an FYI putting your email address up is just asking for spam.

    - Simon

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    We are not going to reply to you by email. You miss the point of these forums, which is NOT free tech support for you, but to use the community to ask AND ANSWER questions so that wisdom can be shared.

    Yes, Flash Player is probably messing with your cam, making other apps think its in use when it isn't. Nice job, Adobe!

    You probably gave permission from some Flash app to access your camera, and now it won't let go.

    This page should help you clear that up.

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