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Thread: MacPro and MacBookPro using same screen?

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    MacPro and MacBookPro using same screen?
    Hey All, Just a quick idea i had looking to see if it is possible. I have a MacBook and a MacBookPro, and i also have the 24inch cinema display screen.
    What I want to know is if it is possible to have both computers use the same screen with out having to unplug any wires. Is there a switch box or a 2 into 1 wire that can be used so i dont have to continually have to keep unplugging and re plugging the mini display port wire. Maybe even a 3-way so i can get my flat screen to get in on some of the action. I do not want to have it for use as a dual screen just something so that i can put my macbookpro in a docking station and be able to use the cinema display screen.


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    I'm not sure what input the display takes (from what i could find on wikipedia its like a dvi-d single or dual link input, someone correct me if i'm wrong here) but you could just hook the display up to a kvm switch that is compatible with the input on the display. Something like this - Rosewill RKV-2DVI KVM

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