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Thread: Cant Install Adobe Flash Player

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    Jan 28, 2011
    Cant Install Adobe Flash Player
    Iv downloaded the file from their website and the picture came up on the desktop. When I opened the folder there was only 1 file inside, sayin flash installer. I installed it and it seemed to work fine but no file appeared after to drag into the apps folder. The only file is the install one?

    Sorry if this is a simple problem, Im new to Mac's!

    Can anyone help?

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    You installed it - it is a self installer - there is nothing to drag anywhere.

    You can go here to see which version you have installed.
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    Post back here if you have any further questions with it!
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    same happened with me, day old mac mini and it seems to have installed but when i go on youtube it still tells me i need to install flash player, i made sure it was right version
    tried uninstalling and re installing to no avail

    i havent tried using a different browser than safari.
    i once had similar problem on my pc but only with firefox

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    Jan 17, 2011
    I also had that problem, uninstalled and reinstalled, but youtube still said I needed to install. I could even find the file on my HD in the exact same place it is on our other mac (where it worked fine). It was a simple fix for me...I just restarted the computer. Wish I had tried that 30 minutes prior to that. Then everything worked fine!

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    Feb 01, 2011
    Problem w/ YouTube
    Replaced my parents 6 year old Dell w/ a refurb iMac last night. The old Dell would never play youtube vids, always saying I needed a flash player. Tried and tried to get it to work, never could. Would always download flash player and install, apparently smoothly, but never could get it to work.
    Last night, set up new iMAC w/ SAME PROBLEM. Can't play youtube vids, asking for flash player. Downloaded, apparently installed smoothly, yet still no vids. The only common link to the two computers is WILDBLUE satellite internet. Both computers were cable connected, not wireless. Any ideas at all? Starting to think it has to be a wildblue modem issue?

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    Hi anthemeral & tricitiesgtr,

    Go to this link
    Adobe - Flash Player
    and in the box it will tell you which version of flash you are running, as screen shot.

    You will not see anything in your Apps folder, it is in Apps > utilities flash uninstaller / manager.

    I belive the latest version is although I am running V 10,1,102,64 and youtube is fine and have had no warning messages.

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