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Thread: duplicated emails

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    duplicated emails
    I have just switched from windows mail to mac mail. I have one account set up, my googlemail account.

    On the left hand side, i see 'MAILBOXES' and then as sub menus to that i have inbox, sent and trash. Below that i then have with all my googlemail folders below that.

    My question is that my emails appear in both my inbox under the MAILBOXES heading and also my inbox under my GOOGLEMAIL.COM heading. This does not bother me to much until i search for a message, as i then see every message twice as it is in two locations. Any way around this?


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    It's normal. I have the same thing showing with my Google email account. Switch your GMail account to iMap from POP and that will keep things in sync for you. The instructions for doing so are here.

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    chscag's link should solve your problem. I had a similar problem when I first switched over. Post back if you have any other problems!

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