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    e-mails from Apple
    On my PC I always kept my Inbox fairly clear, either setting up rules or moving e-mails to different folders (mailboxes in Mail). This I have been doing successful with Mail until today. I received a commercial e-mail from Apple, I have created a rule but when the rule is applied it stays in the Inbox, I have tried moving to the mailbox but again it doesn't happen.

    What would be different aboout this e-mail that it won't be moved?


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    Open preferences in Mail and check to see how you have RSS setup. If you don't want mail from Apple, make sure you have RSS set to "manually" check for updates.

    Also, if you've recently used the Apple App store, you may have selected to receive news and specials from Apple. Those do not come as RSS. To stop that, access your account and turn it off.

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    This was an e-mail from Apple store not an RSS, all I wanted to do was to move it into a different mailbox. When I first tried it would not move, I tried several times during the day to no avail. The next day I was able to successfully move it, not sure if it was something I was doing wrong. Will see what happens next time I get an e-mail from Apple Store


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