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Thread: Looking to switch to OSX from Windows for video editing

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    Looking to switch to OSX from Windows for video editing
    Currently running Vista 64 and will upgrade to Win 7 soon but plan to go to OSX and a Mac Pro workstation in the future still using Adobe Premiere Pro. Having encountered all kinds of stability issues with Vista I want to dump the Windows platform altogether. I don't want to risk another bad release from Microsoft.

    Anyone make a similiar jump with from Windows to OSX with Adobe?

    Any issues? Seems like OSX is a very stable platform.

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    I have cs4 on Windows 7 and it works fine. I've been doing avchd and mov hd editing with it.

    I did go to Mac and I have cs5 on that platform. I really didn't run into any stability issues with either platform to tell you the truth. I ended up with the Mac because all that was out was Vista (windows 7 hadn't released) and I needed an upgrade.

    Your problem may be Vista - I loaded that on for a day - then wiped it - and waited for windows 7.

    Anyway - now that I have a Mac I highly recommend it - especially for Adobe. That being said, I would be remiss to just suggest it off hand if you've never tried windows 7. You can get an OEM version for cheaper than a full box version Search Engine - windows 7
    It is worth a go vs buying a whole new computer/OS.

    Unless you need bitlocker encryption you can go with Win7 Professional.

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    Just for argument's sake, I'm using a fairly high-end PC with Windows 7, and to be 100% honest, I have never run into any stability issues on & whilst using any trial-version of the CS5 collection.

    Vista on my old Dell was complete garbage, 7 is the way to be if you end up sticking to Windows. I'd recommend a fresh install instead of an upgrade.

    I've never owned a Mac new enough to run CS5, so I can't say much about that, other than I'd love to have a 13" MBP, if it had better specs.

    I'm also doing audio and design work, which isn't video (yet at least), and it can get quite intensive on any system.

    Just food for thought!

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