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    Internet connection (Sky Broadband UK)

    I'm a little bit concerned as to why my broadband speed has decreased over the last couple of months, I've known it to be a lot faster and the Mac is only about 9 months old.

    I decided to call Sky Broadband Customer Services to see if they could help at all. I'm currently getting about 2mb download speed (which I realise is quite acceptable to some people), but I'm paying for 20mb. I'm quite happy paying for that as I think I have quite a good deal (TV package, etc).

    The guy at Sky advised me to check my 'Network Utility', then select 'Netstat', followed by selecting 'Display the state of all current socket connections'. This brought up a huge list, which Sky stated could be a factor, saying that my Mac "has too many connections to the internet" and that "there should only be about 10 connections".

    Is there anyway to reduce this list at all?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Im on the same deal as you and i physically get 18Mb out of the 20Mb max, having said that im only 290 yards from the exchange. 2Mb is dire, you must be either a long distance from the exchange, click link to check SamKnows - Broadband Availability Checker (once youve put in you details and result shows click locality link)
    or you have wiring/filter/router issues, the mac has diddly squat to do with the speed of your connection

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    Exactly. You can only really have one connection. Strange and poor excuse from Sky.
    They are rubbish unless you live on top of the exchange, like Bazanders.
    I called them and asked what they could do, and was told 4 meg at most (I live 2 miles from the exchange). That would be like dial up for me, Virgin give me 50 meg (and I see 60+ most downloads). No comparison.
    It is not your Mac at fault is the bottom line. Remember, it's always advertised as "up to 20MB".
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    Stick your phone number into the BT checker BT Broadband
    and see what the estimated speed is for your line. That will give you a figure that you can theoretically achieve. If it says 2mb then you're getting the best you can over ADSL.

    Kevrianos move to Virgin cable is a great idea . . . if you live in a cabled area.

    Something else to check is to log into your router and find out the up and down speed that your connected at. You may never achieve the connected speed but again, if it says 2mb you'll never exceed that.

    Also worth checking the old favourites; Try the router in the master phone socket without anything else connected, make sure all devices on the phone line have microfilters attached.

    Reboot your router before doing any tests.

    Maybe get a friend with a laptop to come and run speed test from that.

    Lots of bits to try there, in a somewhat brain-dump random order but some stuff to try that'll give you a better idea of where the fault lies.

    Post back with your results.

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    I agree with mrplow re test your line first, as many older incoming lines just can not handle large date, so it matters not who your ISP is and what they say they can deliver, it all depends on your incoming line and what it can handle.

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