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    What's Wrong
    I jut got my imac g5 a week ago. After having it on since then (it sleeps at night) nothing had been wrong. Starting about 2 hours ago a weird buzzing is coming from the vent directly below the apple logo. Is this normal is or something wrong. Besides that everything is working fine. I'm just getting worried that something could be wrong.

    p.s. it onnly makes the noise when it is being used (not when its sleeping)

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    maybe its the fan?

    or.. little aliens are in your computer probing it

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    No, i dont think so. I ran the apple hardware test in which the fans get much louder. But the noise didn't get louder. Does anyone else have any idea or ways to stop this irritating sound.

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    Maybe i just never noticed it. Do any other imac g5 owners here have a slight buzzing coming from near the bottom? (its not a humming sound though)

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    Could be the speakers, that's where they are located anyway. Trying pressing mute, but even that might not give you a definate answer.

    EDIT: I have an iMac G5 too and the fans do a emit a kind of buzzing sound. Is it very loud?

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    The fans give off a slight humm when the computer is running, but I have never had a loud buzz come from the bottom of the computer. If it presists I'd take it in to get it looked at. Hopefully it nothing serious!

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