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    Unhappy Need To Know How To Have A Video Chat With Msn Messenger
    I've just switched to an AppleMac. I've bought an Imac G5 which is totally wicked. I've bought an ISight webcam which is f@%king swish, totally wicked. But all my gimp pc user friends use MSN Messenger not AOL Messenger so i can't use IChat to video chat with them.

    Does anyone know how i can have a video chat with MSN users using my Mac. Please help i've got a brand new 100 webcam sat on my desk and i can't use the **** thing.

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    Microsoft has not updated the version of MSN Messenger for Mac, thus is not fully compatible with the PC version. As far as i know they won't update it.

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    I believe you can use Mercury Messenger for video chat:

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    any other ideas

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    Any specific reason you have to use MSN Messenger? You can use iChat to chat with AIM users via video and you can use Yahoo! Mac for video only chat with windows Yahoo! users.

    But Windows Messenger for Mac (as it's not called as of version 5.0) does not support video.
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    I favour Mercury personally, it's pretty sweet and does everything you could ask of it...

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    I use Mercury Messenger as well for web chat. However, to get my cam to work, I had to download MacCam before my iMac would recognise it. it is a cheap USB cam I've had for about five or six years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by schweb
    Any specific reason you have to use MSN Messenger? You can use iChat to chat with AIM users via video and you can use Yahoo! Mac for video only chat with windows Yahoo! users.
    Because he said in his original post that all his friends use MSN and not AOL :p

    I started using iChat myself yesterday because I have a fellow iBook user who wants to do some voice chatting and she uses iChat too. So far, I'm impressed and wished my friends could have AOL accounts too, lol. It's such an excellent application.

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    Hi guys,

    I am new with this stuff...
    I got my ichat working with an AIM account, on the other end i have a windows machine with AIM as well. The issue is that i cant wet to work the audio nor video chats between them.... in ichat i have both buttons disabled and in the win AIM I dont even see the option for audio / video chat.

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    in the UK no one uses AIM its all MSN which is a shame as its aweful really

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    Just have your friends switch to AIM. It's free and easy.

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    But really, these are the kinds of things that have kept me from buying a Mac. I don't know anyone that has one. Little things like this are kinda crazy? Why is MSN incompatible with a Mac?

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    msn is not incompatible with the mac. download msn for mac and try it - if you dont like it try adium which uses the same password and stuff as msn

    regards :biohazard

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    Quote Originally Posted by ripfrankwhite
    Why is M(icro)S(oft)N incompatible with a (Apple)Mac?
    ....Well....I do have some theories....:black:
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    Smile mercury messenger
    Hurray at long last!!:
    I downloaded mercury messenger and hey presto it works fine with my apple mac.
    I managed to have a video chat with mates on msn with no problem.
    I no longer miss msn LOL

    Give it a try and good luck

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