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Thread: Transfer of data question

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    Transfer of data question
    I have about 2 GB of data on an older G3 that I'd like to transfer over to a new iMac desktop and a Macbook Pro before I totally retire the G3. The G3 has only a serial port, whereas the newer Macs have USB ports, etc. Is there a way to efficiently move the data between the Macs? Thanks!

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    Efficiently? Probably not. Without a firewire or USB port on the G3, one way would be to remove the hard drive and place it in a carrier or use an adapter. Then attach it to your new machines and transfer the data that way.

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    Plus one for the Hard Drive Adapter.
    They are not expensive ($30 to $60) and it could be very useful as a backup device after you are done with the G3 Data Tranfer.


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