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    Import Favorites from IE to Safari
    Here's a newbie question, I used Move2Mac and brought over my files and favorites from my PC but I can not get my favorites out of IE and import into Safari. They are in IE on my mac but I tihnk I am going to use Safari....I tried to find the file and just import it from Safari but not sure what fle to bring in...any ideas? :mac:

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    im not sure you can....

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    There is an app called Safari Enhancer on
    If you install it, it will add a menu option to import IE bookmarks.
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    under the help menu in safari, search for imprt ie favorites.

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    I am switching over also and was hoping that I could simply bring my favourites folder over and select every 1 individually and save them in safari. I know its not the quickest way but I don't have many, is this possible?

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    Importing bookmarks the first time you start Safari

    The first time you open Safari, it automatically imports your bookmarks from Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, and Mozilla.

    At this time, you cannot import bookmarks from other web browsers into Safari. You might be able to move your bookmarks to Safari by exporting them from your web browser as an HTML document. Then open the document in Safari and open your Bookmarks Library in a separate window. Drag the links from the first window to a collection in your Bookmarks Library.

    Try D3v1L80Y suggestion

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