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    I downloaded the latest version of Iomegaware for Mac Os X and everything is working fine. My question is:
    How do I access the files on my Zip drive when I am in Apple Works and want to open a document or save a document in my Zip drive.

    In Windows I used to say: "save to" and scroll down to my Zip drive, but, I can't figure out how to do this on my eMac.

    Everything else is very, very simple so this probably is also, I am just not doing something right....

    I LOVE MY NEW EMAC.....Making DVD's is so easy, if I find this out, I will be laughing....


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    I have not used AppleWorks, but i assume it works like all of Apple applications. If you look under the file menu, youshould see open. Select the open option and it should pop up a window, in that window you should see a horizontal scroll bar. If you scroll it to the left you should see your zip disk in the left window pane. You also can use the drop down menu, which I believe is point to documents. Select desktop from that menu, and you should see your zip disk in the left window pane.

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