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Thread: printer problem after Tiger upgrade

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    printer problem after Tiger upgrade
    The other day I upgraded my G4 powerbook from Panther to Tiger, and now when I try to print something off the web, I get told that the raster printing has unexpectedly stopped at status 2. Printing from AppleWorks has been working. (I am using an Epson Stylus Color 980 printer.) This problem occurs when printing from both Safari and IE. (Both my Safari and IE are rather old, 2001 versions, I believe.) My Stylus apparently has no help file loaded, so I can't find any information on how to troubleshoot this problem. Can anyone help?

    One more detail: shortly before I upgraded, my computer crashed a couple of times, the first that's happened since I upgraded to OS X a couple of years ago. It happened again once after I upgraded, so maybe I'm getting hardware problems?

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    Happily, I think I solved this one via the OS X helps "last resort" of resetting everything in the printer utility. Now my pages print backwards: 3 -> 2 -> 1, which is nice, I guess, since 1 ends up on top. Anyway, no need to reply to this thread.

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