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Thread: Problem finding Canon MP560 on Wireless

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    Problem finding Canon MP560 on Wireless
    Today I got my new Canon MP560 that I was planning on connecting to wirelessly. I set up the printer and went through the wireless setup on the printer itself, and everything went good. Found the network, connected to it, and the blue Wi-Fi light on the printer lit up.

    The problem came when installing the software on my Macbook. When it`s trying to detect the printer, it can`t find it.

    I have a Time Capsule that I use as a wireless modem. It runs 802.11n (with b/g compatibility), can the problem be that my Macbook connects to the TimeCapsule over the n network? If it is, I find this really strange, but that`s the only reason I can see at the moment for it not working...

    EDIT: It actually solved itself. I managed to find the printer through the normal Os X software and Windows 7 software. Still can`t find it when I use the programs, but it seems like I don`t really need them anyways

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    I had a similar problem when I installed my mp640 a few months back. Ended up having to change some print setting manually for it to detect the printer (there was no problem with the scanner). Everything works fine, now, though.
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    So what do you guys think of the MP printers. I'm going to buy a wireless printer this weekend or hope too. Was looking at the cannon.

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    No problem installing and getting wireless to work with my Canon MP 620 printer. Just follow Canon's directions and install the included software for networking and wireless. The MP series printers use 5 ink tanks which generally can be purchased on the net for around $6 to $8 each. (refilled)

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