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Thread: Have to switch back at work, God help me.....

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    Feb 18, 2005
    Have to switch back at work, God help me.....
    I have to switch back to a windows laptop for work. My boss won't allow my powerbook any more because he hates the slot loading drive (some of our software requires the mini disks) and he is a mac hater for some reason. I thought I was gonna have to sell my beloved powerbook, but I get to keep it and our company is furnishing me with a Vaio (oh god!). It sucks because I am on my laptop in the office a lot and on the road a lot with it. I hope it gets a virus!!!!

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    If you must use a pc laptop, you should have your job get you an IBM ThinkPad or a Toshiba! Powerbooks ROCK!!!

    I think, therefore I use a mac

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    Sorry to hear it, don...

    We're standardized on Dells here at the office (ryan is right-- if you have to use a Windows notebook, IBM/Lenovo Thinkpads are the way to go-- Dell rots), so I have my iBook sitting next to me on my desk for all my personal stuff. Reminds me of what work computing could be... :-D

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    look on the bright side though
    1) you dont have to pay for it
    2) when its full of virii and spyware etc you can boot up your mac and then give that "ive told you all a 1000 times" look

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    Quote Originally Posted by donnation25
    My boss won't allow my powerbook any more because he hates the slot loading drive (some of our software requires the mini disks)
    First of all, I think that anyone who 'hates' an otherwise inanimate bit of machinery (other than an automobile...those seem to evoke emotion for some reason) is just being a ****.

    I further do not see why any piece of software would care that it's on a mini disk or a full sized disk. Is there no reason you cannot copy your software from the mini disk to the larger, freaking standard size 5 1/4" disks?

    Of course, my work does not do Macs at all, well, other than what we grudgingly support for our product from a web browsing point of view.

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    Maybe an external CD drive could help you... i'm pretty sure you can find a cheap annd good one. Also external drives usually are faster than laptop CD burners.

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    Fry's has an IOmega refurbished external CD Burner for $40.
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    its sad stories like these that make me appreciate the fact that im still 17 and my job has nothing to do with computers, but requires picking up dog poo.... i work at a doggie day care

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    Feb 18, 2005
    Its too late for me. I've managed to sneak by for a long time now using my book. Its really not that big of a deal I guess, its only a freaking computer, but I'm gonna miss using it. Thanks for all the responses though, Donnation

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    atleast you can still use it at home maybe even use it for work if you have to work at home or traveling, and then just put the information on the windows machine before you go back to work.
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    Let's see, you have a company that bought you a Powerbook and a Vaio and you're complaining?

    Why don't you just leave the Vaio in the office and
    commute with the PowerBook?

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