Hello all

I have had my powerbook for about 2 months now. I love it. See specs below. Anyway, the reason I crossed over to apple and my powerbook was for the iLife 05. I wanted to be able to make home movies, keep all my family pics and music at my finger tips. I found iLife 05 it a little fustrating at first becaues I had no idea what I was doing with iMove HD, iDVD and iPhoto. So i searched around the net to find some help. The first site I can across was http://www.mac.com/1/learningcenter/index.html form apple. This is a great site that will give you a quicktime tutorial on the basics for using iMove, iDVD and the whole iLife 05 suite. This help me out a lot. I made my first DVD using this site and it came out good. Then my wife bought me a book called The Macintosh iLife'05. This is a great book. It comes with a very nice tutorial DVD. I scanned through the book and it has some good tips and how to's. My wife paid about 24.00 plus shipping at Overstock.com

I just want to give a little help with folks like me new to iLife 05. :black: