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    Address Book Query
    Am a complete Mac newbie spending sunday getting to grips with my new macbook and transferring loads of stuff from my old PC (which is looking very sad as I strip it of all its information!). All going well so far but got a question.
    I've been sorting out my email. I have 2 yahoo email addresses, one for personal and one for business. I've transferred/synced my 'personal' yahoo email address book into my macbook address book fine.
    Now here's my question (lol finally!)
    Is there a way I can transfer the email addresses in my 'business' yahoo email address book into the macbook address book but only have them as a sort of separate business folder? I want to have them to hand on the macbook for writing emails, but DON'T want them to sync onto my iphone etc when I sync with that.
    Any ideas for a clueless newbie? hehe

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    In Address Book, you can create a new list of contacts and call them "Business Contacts" or whatever you want to call them. (bottom of the left column is a "+", click to add a new list)

    Then, when you sync your iPhone in iTunes click on the iPhone name in the left column, look for the "Info" tab towards the top of the main window and select which address list to sync with. My wife and I do this for our iPhones as I have my list of contacts and she has hers and "never the twain shall meet".
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    The concept behind Address Book (as with iPhoto, iTunes and a bunch of other Mac programs) is of one huge Library which is them subdivided into views you can use.

    In the case of Address Book, this can be handled either by creating "groups" that show the two different kinds of contacts separately, or by creating "Smart Folders" (actually instant searches) based on certain criteria.

    As an example, you could set up a Smart Folder in Address Book that had criteria like "any entry that has the Company field filled in" and that's your Business contacts.

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    Thanks for replies. Hmm, so, the only way to get the iphone to not link up with the 'business' group is to put the 'personal' addresses into a different group in Address Book and get the phone to sync to that? Am I right?

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    Yes, put the address you want the iPhone to have into a group (hint: people can go into multiple groups, groups are just "views"/subsets of the main library) and in iTunes tell the iPhone to only sync that group.

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