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Thread: PB G4 1.5ghz as a desktop replacement?

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    PB G4 1.5ghz as a desktop replacement?
    i am getting this pb (coming soon)to replace a desktop pc and portability, if i need to be mobile. my question is, should i leave the battery in it while plugged in the ac charger all the time when used as a desktop? or do i take the battery out. im aware the battery needs calibration too ( i heard about it) but doesnt know exactly how to do it properly. thanks alot.

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    to calibrate it, just empty out the battery all the way, charge it, and then lose all the charge the first time you use it. then you can charge it whenever you want.

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    Can you use the power while the battery is not in? I thought it simply had to be in.

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    It will work with the battery removed as long as its plugged in, but you can just leave the battery in. Once the battery has a full charge, the Powerbook will draw its power from the mains and bypass the battery. Just drain the battery once a month or so to keep it in good condition.

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    This is how I use my 12"'s the current combo drive model.

    Since I'm not currently at school, my pb sits plugged into the wall adapter without the battery plugged in. It fully functions as my desktop, with the help of a Dell 19" monitor of course

    Keeps my battery cycles down too, my pb battery only has 4 cycles on it.

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    I did the same thing. I bought my powerbook just because I need a laptop. It has now replaced my pc desktop. My pc is still fast P4 3.4ghz 1.5 gig ram 2x250 sata drive. I have not really touched my pc since I bought my powerbook.

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    i'm replacing an athlon xp 3200, 1.5gig ram with a sata hdd. when i was at gradeschool i remember playing Chirvalry and Lode RUnner using an apple computer, but that was a very long time ago. and that was my very, very first computer.

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    My PB, 12 inch with superdrive replaced my PC. I have only turned my PC on to transfer filves via USB flash drive. I leave it plugged in all the time, and the battery has a full charge (not that it matters).

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