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Thread: Keeping Shared Doc Folder on Desktop

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    Keeping Shared Doc Folder on Desktop
    Hello all, I am a Mac newbie. Three weeks now with the Mac mini and lovin' every minute of it. Here's the question. I wonder if there is a way to have the Shared Doc folder stay on the desktop on my mini at start-up. Now I have to open the Finder > Go to Network and connect manually to my Windoze network. I have found this forum a great help. Many of my questions and concerns have been addressed here. Your advice and comments have made my "switch" a great experience. Thanks in advance for any advice on this matter. I want to be able to access this folder so I can share my music and work documents. Mitsycam

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    i just got a Mac Mini a few days ago myself, and was wondering the same thing
    so far im loving my mini too, but i think i might need a little more ram, i can see OS X is built for more than 256, but i need to find good campatible ram for a good price

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