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    do I need AppleCare, am ready to say goodbye to windows
    nice place to hang out and very informative site by the way. it helped me decide to switch and say goodbye to a windows machine. dont get me wrong i still like my pc.

    ok here's the deal, after realizing that updating anti virus, and updating anti spyware programs is a part of using a windows machine and there's just plenty to worry about in windows world especially if you love surfing the net especially if you do online banking.

    i decided that am getting a powerbook g4, here's my question. Do i really need AppleCare? Can i get my mac right now and if i decide later to get applecare can i purchase applecare even after 9 months form the date of my purchase of powerbook?

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    IMO if you are getting a laptop then get the AppleCare. No company is perfect and laptops from anybody are more prone for problems than desktops. I think you can get AppleCare anytime during the normal warranty but your phone service ends after a month or so if you don't have Applecare so it makes sense just to get it at the beggining.

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    Well the phone service is really only for questions you have - which you could just as well ask here

    I'd say get it if you can afford it, otherwise don't worry too much and look after your stuff...

    You could also check out other electronics insurance... I think a few companies offer plans that only cover damage and defects to the device but might be cheaper than APLC.

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    I purchased my PowerBook just under 2 weeks ago - the guy in the store said it comes with a 12 month warranty, and that you can buy the additional AppleCare anytime within the first 12 months.

    That's in Australia - I dunno about anywhere else.

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    You can Apple Care up to a year, but the Apple care starts as soon as u buy your machine, in other words if you buy a Mac and wait 9 still reverts back to when you bought it.. I say get it now if you have the money, but get it sometime with in the first year if you can't afford it now.. PB Applecare is the most money..

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