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    Aug 24, 2010
    iWork Pages problem
    I make a lot of lists in Pages, and am very irritated by the way it tries to "help" me make lists. For example, if I write out: "R. v. Something" and then click Return, it automatically assumes I'm making a lettered list because of the "R." and starts off with an "S." Also, I do a lot of indenting making lists, and it always messes with this, causing me to have to go back with Command+Z then continue without it assisting.

    How can I remove this?

    Also, how can I switch over permanently to Canadian English? It keeps starting up new pages in American English, and it sucks having to go through every different word and add it with "Learn."

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    Switch from "R." to "ARRRR!" -- that should do it!

    As for the Canadian English talk, that be set in yARRR system preferences, ya scurvy dog!

    If ye be sailin' on the good ship Snow Leopard, head down to the System Preferences galley, rip open the "Language & Text" panel, and drag that wench "Canadian English" kickin' and screamin' to the top o' the mast!

    Thereafter it be yer salty talk of choice in all programs, me matey!

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    Aug 24, 2010
    Cheers, Chas_m.

    Any ideas on how the auto-complete listing/indenting stuff?

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    Arrr no, I be sorry, thar dasn't appear t' be any way t' automatically or permanently turn off th' auto-list feature; but thar`s a couple o' workarounds:

    a. Let 't happen, th' defeat 't
    1. Type ou' "R. v. Somethin'," hit return.
    2. 't will make th' "S." assumin' ye want a list. Open th' Inspector, go t' Text->Lists, change t' "nay bullets" an' 't will nay do that anymore.

    b. Style (jib)sheet
    Create a style sheet that dasn't include "numberin'," then impose 't on yer text. Shiver me timbers!

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