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Thread: dumb questions with new Lombard

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    dumb questions with new Lombard
    I just got my new Lombard today!! Hooray! Got all hooked up to the internet. I have some really dumb questions - so bare with. First... where is the battery on this?? Supposedly it has 1 but I can't find it.

    Right now I'm in Explorer 5.2 (what came with it). I would like to download Firefox 1.0 -- that's what I have on my eMac. But it says I need 72MB of HD space.
    My Lombard won't support that will it? I looked in About this Mac and couldn't find HD space... how do I drag and drop things from the dock? I'm trying to put Itunes etc. into the HD and not have it on the dock.
    I will probably have more questions but I'll stop with this for now.
    This is strange! Like driving a stick shift and going to an automatic -- meaning, I keep reaching for my mouse!!

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    open finder. clcik on "macintosh hard drive", then at the botton of the finder window it says how mant GB left!

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