Hi everyone,

I am putting together my first iphotobook and am using the map features. It seems handy, except that it is not super detailed. For example, I would like to label Loch Ness home of the Loch Ness Monster....but alas, the Loch is not even on the map when I have it in the photobook. I labelled it fine in iphoto after importing my pics, but when I go to the map in the travel themed photobook, the maps do not appear as detailed...ie) no Loch ( no blue water). Anyone run into anything similar? Also, I would like to add places on a map, but not necessarily connect them with lines like other places on the map. For example, I am showing our train route across Scotland and would like to add in some places where we made day trips to or just familiar landmarks that we did not visit that I don't want included in the "show lines" like the other cities we travelled through. Anyway of doing that?
Seems to have a lot of nice features, but in the end not quite there and I find I still need to use google maps, GRAB, open in Preview and modify and then drop into iphoto....would be so much simple to just use the maps feature but it just not seem to fill the job or am I missing something?