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Thread: Firefox Install Issue

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    Firefox Install Issue
    So I have Firefox installed correctly ( i think) I open it and it runs. However, every time I open it creates/mounts a disk or virtual disk (not sure what to call it) and displys it on the dektop and in finder. It doesn't really bother me that much except that I am also running Norton AV and norton scans Firefox everytime I open Firefox.

    Is the firefox "disk" normal or did I install it incorrectly?

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    You dragged the Application from the Disk Image to the dock, when you click the Firefox icon it looks for the disk image for the original source of the firefox alias. You need to drag the firefox icon from the disk image into the Applications folder, and from there drag it to the dock
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    Thanks -- That worked. I am just not used to the simple "drag to install" method yet. Too easy for an overactive mind.

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