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    Exporting Entourage contacts
    I have been using a fairly old Emac at home and using Entourage from Office 2004. I just upgraded to a new iMac and would like to continue to use Entourage from Office 2008. I need to transfer contacts from the old computer to the new one. I spent 2 hours last night working with Entourage help and got nowhere. The Help seems designed for moving from one version of Entourage to another on the same computer, or for moving from one computer to another on the same version of Entourage.

    I would appreciate advice on how to do this. I would describe myself as fairly computer savvy, but as much step by step as you feel like would be appreciated.


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    Sep 09, 2010
    Unhappy Same problem
    I've just bought an iMac to replace a G4 mirror doors. I'm trying to port across iPhoto, Address Book and Entourage files from the G4. I think my hard drive is about to die as I could only copy 2 CDs before it acted weird - blinking icons and it wouldn't do the rest of the photos.

    I want to export the Entourage data so I don't lose all my old emails and contact lists. How do I do it?

    Any help gratefully received.


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