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Thread: Microsoft Office 2008 won't install..

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    Microsoft Office 2008 won't install..

    so I got this macbook pro.. it came with the trial version of office..
    I bought office 2008 for mac. Followed the directions on the box.. uninstalled the trial version, sent to garbage. deleted it.. proceeded to install the new version. It apparently installed successfully. It said so.. even looked for updates. WEnt to run it.. and it said not installed successfully?!
    I tried again, uninstalling what I had just installed.. re-started it.. and tried to install office again. It won't even read the disk.. it eject is. WTF?! why is this more complicated then Windows? please help..

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    How about some details on your hardware and version of OS X you're running?

    Also, since you had a trial version of Office 2008 installed on your MBP, all you really needed to do was enter the serial number from the Office 2008 package you bought. That would have registered it. It sounds like you didn't completely uninstall the trial version. Did you use the uninstaller or just delete the files?

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    You must use the uninstaller. If all else fails read the instructions!

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