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    Page in Firefox looked like source code. I'm worried.
    I was looking at the wikipedia page for Scribd

    Scribd - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I right clicked the link to Scrib towards the bottom of the page and opened it in a new tab. What opened up looked like the source code for a webpage. After that happened I don't remember if I refreshed the page or got there by going to Google and typing in Scrib and clicking the link, but the page appeared to be normal then.

    This worries me though because I recall one of the symptoms for the few Mac trojans being your webpage would be redirected. And before going the Wikipedia route I was on these 2 pages and I sort of got this weird vibe:

    501 Writing Prompts

    papersue on Scribd

    And to add further to my paranoia, when I was using iAntivirus this last time it may have scanned fewer files than it did the time before. And I didn't delete anything.

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    Unless you have downloaded any dodgy video codecs from an untrusted source, or downloaded iLife from a torrent site you do not have a trojan.

    Probably just a page rendering glitch
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