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    Mandatory Switcher Comments: Dashboard Rocks!
    What an amazing idea. I'm so impressed with this feature. Today I tracked my brother's flight from Las Vegas, checked on the status of my airport base station with the package tracker, and used the translator to work on some tech documentation I'm doing. I had no idea that Apple was doing this kind of thing. I had used OSX in college when I ran the web design lab, but yeesh. This is something else. I've just been converted from a Linux to a Mac guy, and let me tell you that that is a religious phenomenon. What a wonderful feature to be able to overlay little useful tools on top of my workspace.

    I mean, obviously I could stop what I'm doing, minimize all my apps, and launch a browser to get access to the same tools. But the dashboard is really an incredible idea. It saves the state of my desktop, and doesn't even really count as a virtual desktop. It instantly becomes more useful than the normal way because of how it's been implemented. I'm absolutely stunned at how well thought out everything in this OS is. My only gripe is that I didn't know about it earlier.

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    yea dashboard is great, as you start using it more you will find a bunch of little things that just make it so much better

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    The only thing that I think would make dashboard better, imo, would be to let you change widgets to reflect canadian stuff. The stock traker only uses the nyse. You can choose tse but it display the american price.


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    more impressive to me is Expose. wow what a nice feature. if you guys havent learned to use it, learn it. f9,f10,f11,f12. although dashboard is nice too, much better than xp's taskbar.

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