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    Using iPhoto and iMovie across Accounts?
    I'm a new Mac user (iMac) who is diving in "heads first" into the new world (for me, at least) of OS X, Tiger, Mac Apps, etc. Things are going great - but I have an annoying question that I'm sure there is an easy answer for - but I just can't seem to find it.

    On my iMac - I have my account (Administrator) and my wife's account (standard). I like the fact my wife can't "mess" with the operating system - but I would like for her to have access to our gallery of pics and movies - which is currently housed in my iPhoto and iMovie. Is there a way she can access these specific applications (with all the data therein) without giving her complete access to my account (login, password, etc)? I suppose I could "copy" all data into her personal iPhoto and iMovie applications - but that seems like a lot of wasted memory to me. I've read a little about "sharing" pics, etc - but that would require my account to be open at the same time (I think).

    Anyone got any advice? I appreciate the help. Thanks!!

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    Open the finder, click pictures, ctrl click iPhoot library, click get info, expand the ownership and permissions tab and expand the details tab then you want to select 'others,' and set it to read and write (or read only if you prefer), this will share the folder.

    You can then go to her iPhoto and add your folder to her library by clicking file>add to library and selecting the directory of your library. Alternativly, you can find her library in the finder and delete it, next time you start iPhoto I belive it asks you to select a new library, select your librarys directory and you will share the same library.

    Finaly, what you need to do in order to make it all work properly is to go to, look up this thread, find my post, look for the little tick and cross icon next to it, click that and give me rep *

    *this step is optional and in no way will it help you with your problem.

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