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    Keyboard shortcut to switch between languages
    Hi everyone,

    I just received my new MacBook Pro 13" with Snow Leopard.

    I would like to know if there is any keyboard shortcut to switch between "abc" characters and chinese characters. Indeed, I do sometimes need to write in "abc" like now, but I do also need to write chinese characters here and there. So far, I always click on the flag in the top bar (near the time and battery icon) and have to change manually from "abc" to chinese characters. This is quite boring, especially when I need to switch a lot of times. A keyboard shortcut would be more appropriate.

    Does anyone know if there is a shortcut on the keyboard to do that ?

    Thanks very much!!


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    No, unfortunately there is no keyboard shortcut to switch between languages. I wish there were as there is in Windows. The way you're doing it is the correct way.

    BTW, are you using a keyboard overlay? If not, you can bring up the on screen keyboard and use it instead. A bit cumbersome but it works.


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    Ah--was going to say, I can do that on my work PC, but not with Mac (I just semi-converted and use both)

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