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    DVI or VGA monitor?
    Greetings All,

    Proir to switching to a Mac I bought a NEC flat panel monitor and it had a choice of using the VGA or DVI hookup for the monitor. I was using the VGA with my PC and when I switched to the Mac I used the VGA to DVI adapter. Is is worth my time and money to get a DVI to DVI cable to hook up my monitor?


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    You probably won't notice a difference.

    In theory, a DVI cable will give more consistent quality, but I've never seen much of a difference. The only times I've had problems with analog were due to bad cables or connections.

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    If you have an unlimmited cash flow, can't hurt, but if your a student, then don't get it, and if your somewhere in between think of all the pros and cons and make a decision.
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    I'd get one. DVI is better than analog VGA.

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    It depends on the monitor, some can translate analog(VGA) signals very well while others can not. On my monitor there is an obvious difference, with DVI being better. If it were me, I would get one. They aren't that expensive. I am surprised your monitor didn't come with one.

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    im sure has them in stock.

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